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All You Need To Know About Mock Up Florals For Your Wedding

All  You Need To Know About Mock Up Florals For Your Wedding

With a wedding season just around the corner, we'd like to discuss a few things to bring some clarity to a few topics. 

Today let's chat mock ups! 

In the majority of cases, our couples do not request mock ups, however occasionally, we are asked about it. This post is something that'd help you consider if you need one. 

A mock up is a test run of a certain floral design created prior to the event and it is an opportunity to preview the specific details, style, techniques and simply to see if the floral design aligns with your style and your vision. 

All our future brides, read to the end, get yourself familiar with the process and save this for the future and don't forget to share it with a future bride you know. Leave us a comment bellow.

Yes, we do offer floral mock ups of bridal bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets and centerpieces. Larger floral pieces like arbor installations and aisle decor mock ups are available only in a digital format.

Mock ups can only be done no sooner than two months before the wedding and no later than a month before the big date. This is a time frame for us where we can create a very close copy of what will be designed on your wedding day and we still have time to apply changes to your custom floral recipe if needed. 

 Availability of the flowers. There's no guarantee that we would be able to offer the exact requested flower or every single ingredient that we have in your floral recipe for a bouquet or centerpieces. Simply because different flowers have their own seasonality and might be not available for a time of your mock up, but as your florist we highly recommended it for your wedding date, as it will be a peak of it's blooming life then. Also, it's a great opportunity for a bride to see what kind of flowers a florist can come up with as a substitution and how it will look altogether. 

 Mock ups aren't free. We do not have a price for a mock up included in your bill, as it is not what is being requested often. That is why we bill for them separately. The florals have to be purchased, often in wholesale quantities, and the labor required to order, transport, process and design the florals are all a factor in the cost. We are a busy flower shop and most definitely can use all unused flowers for another client therefore not push that cost on to you. However, more often than not, the full floral cost for the mock up stays with you.

 Changes after the mock up. Please keep in mind that drastic changes like completely changing a style or colour palette may be hard to execute and may result in additional costs. However, we believe that communication and clarity between florist and the bride is a key to success, and we here work towards the final result where you choose what you are more comfortable with and you walk down the aisle admiring everything around you, so you can focus on the best day. 


You choose! In my personal opinion, trust is everything and it truly means the world every time when the couple hangs out their full trust to design an event for them. And nothing wrong with ordering a mock up, really! We happily will walk you through the process and disclose every stem and petal for you to make sure you receive exactly what you have been dreaming about. 

Want to chat more ? Fill out the survey on our website under the "weddings & events" category and let's start planning!



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