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Peace Lily Plant

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A perfect gift to sooth in stressful times or to show your sympathy, the Peace Lily features elegant white flowers and deep green leaves. 

As it requires only moderate light, this is an excellent choice as an indoor plant. 

Great for beginners as it's simple to care for with easy to follow care instructions. It will also help filter the surrounding air of various toxins.

Oh did we forget to mention the beautiful and elegant part? With the striking contrast of the dark green foliage and the creamy white flowers held high on stiff stems it holds it's own well and looks attractive in all types of homes and design schemes.

Did You Know? - When it comes to the meaning of the "Peace" part of its name this is down to the flowers with the white raised spathe looking like a white flag of surrender seeking peace.

Many people call it a "Peaceful Lily" and perhaps surprisingly it also makes for a common funeral plant. 

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