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Floral Subscriptions are for YOU!

Floral Subscriptions are for YOU!

We all have subscriptions to something in our everyday lives- whether it’s your music app, the gym, coupons from your favourite store, magazines, or whatever it may be, they all serve the same purpose; convenience. If you’re someone with a crazy love for fresh blooms and positivity, if you want to send along a colourful, uplifting reminder of your thoughts to your loved ones from afar, or if you have a business that always needs a little bit of extra “light” in your office, a floral subscription is 100% convenient for you.

Floral Subscriptions in Saint John New Brunswick

Let’s start with you. Yes, you! 

I know you have a busy day-to-day life. Balancing between work, family, friends, and all of the other little things in the middle; we all do it too!

One thing we often can forget about, though, is to take care of ourselves. What makes you happy? Is it going out to dinner with your loved ones, going on a hike, or simply just watching a movie with the cat snuggled up on your lap?

We surround ourselves with beautiful things, like these “happy” moments, but what can make these times better? If I could, I’d have flowers in every room in my house- the colour, texture, and the language that the perfect floral arrangement speaks will flip your whole mood around. Make it match your decor- simplistic, vibrant or neutral. This vase sitting on the island in the kitchen will attract all of the serotonin in your brain, and those around you. 

I’m telling you, if you can choose anything to subscribe to, in favour of yourself, florals are the way to go. Treat yourself! 

Now let’s talk about your loved ones. Whether you live near or far, a floral subscription directed to them is such a simple, thoughtful way of just saying “have a great week,” or “I love you.”

Effortlessly, you’re able to treat them with a beautiful floral piece with their favourite colours, blooms and styles. Not sure what they like? That’s okay, leave it to the experts! We can keep it generic or extravagant. 

Nothing is more important than staying connected with your family and friends, like I said, we all have busy lives. This subscription also gives them a sweet reminder that you’re thinking of them, although you may not be able to spend a whole lot of time in each other’s company. Automatically, this subscription can take a few "checks" off of your To-Do List, there will be no more reasons to forget to treat your loved ones - what are YOU waiting for?

Floral Subscriptions for a Business

Lastly, let’s talk about subscriptions for a business.

When you walk into a doctor's office, restaurant, or really any business, what do you see first? Usually the reception, right? This area gives you your first, or lasting impression of this place. Nothing will welcome your customers better than some stunning, fresh, quality blooms on the desk, along with your friendly smile!

Many people are “visual” people, myself included, we want to help your clients to be visually pleased when they walk into your office. You may have a neutral, modern style area, but imagine a magnificent floral piece sitting on the reception desk or in the waiting area. The fresh, to-die-for blooms, all neutral, creamy colours, the subtle but impressive vase it’s in, the spilling luxury greenery coming out of every angle, is what makes these long-lasting impressions. Every minor detail is so greatly important. Keep your standards high every week, biweekly, or monthly with our floral subscription. We can suit any style, I can guarantee that! 

No matter the time of the year, style of flowers, client, we are able to satisfy any design or desire. We are here to create florals that will last forever in your memory, this is what our work is all about! 

So what will it be, weekly, biweekly or monthly? Are you ready to hop into this exciting floral adventure with us? Let's go- click this link to be forwarded to our short application.

We are so looking forward to serving you, your loved ones and/or your business!

See you soon,
Erika, Floral Designer at Galbraith Florists Ltd