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Self Wellness Bundle

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Self Wellness Bundle

Refreshing aroma of the eucalyptus and lavender in the shower? Yes, please!!   Locally grown lavender?  - give me TWO!

This is an upgraded option of our very popular eucalyptus shower bundle. 

This self wellness bundle is suitable for hanging in the shower room or/and bedroom. It can be upgraded to the deluxe or premium option according to your shower size. The stems wrapped in natural raffia rope, release the scent of eucalyptus and lavender, making bathing more relaxing, pleasant and refreshing. 

For best results, please replace it once a month. The scent of lavender can last for a long time. 

 There are numerous health benefits associated with this shower bundle, as it releases the natural oil of eucalyptus and lavender.  Check it yourself!

*Respiratory health.  Helps to clear and open the airways, provides temporary relief to those who suffer from ongoing respiratory issues and sinusitis.

* Stress reduction. For some people, the scent of eucalyptus can produce an immediate sense of calm. This may be due to the effects of eucalyptol, a major component of eucalyptus. It's safe to say the inhaled oils of eucalyptus and lavender help to relax. Agree, nothing is better than a long steamy shower after a long day at work, that is not only refreshing, but relaxing with notes of home spa.

* Pain relief. Many people have confirmed that inhaling eucalyptus oil reduces the sensation of pain, especially those who suffer from arthritis and joint stiffness.  

* Add cuteness and extra care to your bathroom. 

By buying our self wellness bundle you're not only investing in you and your self care, but you also support your two local businesses- us and the sweetest people from the Lavenhop Grows who grow and handpicked this beautiful lavender. 

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