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Wedding Florals - It Can't Get Any Easier!

Wedding Florals - It Can't Get Any Easier!

The most thrilling part of our job is putting a smile on your face- this is truly the most rewarding feeling; what gives YOU this feeling? Doing a random act of kindness? Making the best meal ever? Maybe it's even just the fact you made it through another crazy day! Whatever it is, I want you to picture that feeling and multiply it by a hundred. Then by a thousand, and then by another unimaginable number- THAT is the true feeling of successfully creating custom, personalized,  quality floral pieces for the weddings we work with.

We understand the stressful and hectic "To Do" list that comes with planning a wedding, our main goal is to make it as easy as humanly possible... By this, I mean we can and we most certainly will get everything done top-notch, just the way you want.  Whether it comes to choosing what colour palette to go with, roses or dahlia's, vases or centrepieces, setting up rentals, it doesn't matter! We are here for YOU, girl!

Now, let's talk about our process. As I keep my word, I want to make this easy for you: Let's go!

Fancy meeting you here at our consultation, how do you take your coffee?

We have a few points to go through when it comes to creating this memory lasting decor for your wedding:

1) Let's start with a vision- this helps us see what you're thinking.

  • Any photos for inspiration?
  • What colour scheme do you like?
  • What kind of pieces are you looking for?
  • What's your style? (Boho, compact, simplistic, custom, etc)

2) Get to the specifics- now we're digging deep!

  • Where is your wedding taking place? What's the layout?
  • What flowers are you looking for? What about the quantity?
  • How many people are on your wedding party/ guest list?

3) Does it work?: Figuring out if all your ideas "do"

  • Think of your flowers, colour scheme, and venue all mashed up together. Is this what you've been picturing? Oftentimes, all of these great ideas are amazing on their own, but don't quite work well as a team. We're your second set of eyes to make it all look perfect, with opinions and suggestions through our experience; to combine your ideas with ours- small tweaks can make such a big difference. 

So... What's next? Oh, honey, your mug is empty... let me get you a refill!

Now that we have a plan, let's get into organizing a bit. Are you ready? Come on, it only gets easier from here!

After we confirm all the details and provide a full quote for you, we are ready to save the date! To do so, we require a 50% deposit from the quote given for your florals. Let me explain what we will both benefit from it:

  1. We provide a complimentary digital presentation envisioning all of your florals (colour palette, specific flowers, certain pieces, spillers, fillers, thrillers, the whole bit!) I know as a very visual person myself, this would be completely necessary for my future wedding! Our goal in providing this is to give you the reassurance that we are, visually, all on the same page.
  2. We are all YOURS! This deposit reserves your spot with us, this time is dedicated 100% to YOU!
  3. We are able to pre-book your florals. Any specific requests (colours, blooms, greenery) are booked for the date needed. ( I think this gives both of us the reassurance we need.) If flowers are ordered too close to your date, it may be a bit harder to get our hands on the specifics.

After all said and done, the other 50% of the quote is due at least one month before the saved date. This payment can be made all at once or in bits and pieces in the meantime- whatever you prefer!

Before you know it, you're waking up on your wedding day. Crack open the champagne, we all know mimosas are on the menu for breakfast!

Your everlasting memories begin to unfold while you and your bridal party are getting ready, having hair being done in one room, makeup in another. Laughter and so many other emotions bouncing off the walls and being shared, reminiscing the past and your near future in marriage. 

In the meantime, we start working our magic.

With all processed and perfectly hydrated flowers, we start handcrafting your bouquet with such delicacy and precision, accurately placing every single bloom in its' desired spot in all your boutonnieres, centrepieces, pew markers, arch pieces, and so on. All of your requested flowers, styles and colours are being perfectly matched. 

Once all florals are meeting all of our expectations, we have them packed properly to travel to you. Whether we're delivering/ setting up for you, or you're having them picked up, they will remain their flawless self all day long.

And there you have it! That wasn't so scary, was it? Now all you have to do is live happily ever after... and then some! 

Thank you for giving us your trust to create these florals from the bottom of our hearts- We wish you the happiest future full of big smiles, warm hugs and everything you've ever hoped it to be. 

See you again soon, friend!
Floral Designer at Galbraith Florists LTD,
Erika Mitchell