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What the “FLORIST'S CHOICE ARRANGEMENT” is, and how to order it

What the “FLORIST'S CHOICE ARRANGEMENT” is, and how to order it

When it comes to ordering flowers online, we've all been there, lost and amazed by a huge selection. There are so many forms and varieties that you can be spoiled with. All different types of flowers,  different styles, tons of colour and a variety of shapes and textures. Don't even let me start on greenery and fillers... Is your head spinning already? Well, let me make it all easy and stress-free for you. Picking flowers should be fun and exciting. So, grab your favourite beverage, sit comfortably and let's take a sneak peek behind that "flower magic" production door. 

Step 1. Reverse thinking

Before you start choosing flowers and what exactly you want to send, I suggest you think about the person (recipient) first.  Think about what emotion you want them to experience while looking at this floral gift from you. And start by writing a message that will be included along with the flowers.  Yes yes exactly, start with the message. I know, this should be the very last thing to think about in your online purchasing, but to be honest with you,  this is the most important part of your order details, really...   Why?... Just because your card message is the very first thing that we observe while processing your order. Your few words to the recipient is nothing but a source of inspiration for us, here's where we gather our non-stopping force to create something truly unique and very special.  

Step 2.  Let's think colorful

Have your message ready?.. Good! Now, hold that very thought and think about what color it speaks? Whether it's congratulations, happy event, birthday, welcoming in a new home, having a baby, simply a beautiful gesture of gratitude, "love you" daily reminder, "get well soon" wishes or ... condolences,  deepest sympathy for the loss of a very special person in their life...  Would you like it to be a bright, colourful mixture or a monochromatic, one colour arrangement? Would the recipient love two opposite colors in their vase arrangement or two colors from the same colour palette? Or you like it to be neutral, nude, muted tones and earthy looking? Despite your choice, our wide selection of locally grown and imported tropical flowers let us create truly outstanding floral designs in any color possible. 

Step 3. I like your style

Floral design styles are just as important as the color scheme. So, let's dive in and try to figure out what style is the most suitable for you and the recipient.

In the floristry world, only an artist's creativity inspired by a client's vision dictates florist fashion. But let me group the most popular styles there are. 


The compact arrangement has a classic, timeless feel, perfectly shaped, where all flowers, greenery and fillers are at the same length. Usually, they are dome-shaped, nothing is poking out, and in my opinion, a perfect choice for a corporate event, co-worker's birthday or simply a desk-top arrangement.

Loose & Wild

I know, you already can picture these overflowing elements from the vase, an airy and organic look with tons of different greenery, no perfect shape or ideal geometric line is visible, every stem is doing its own thing, which brings a free-flowing look that is visually stunning. The subtle yet impressive fine art notions that a flower arrangement with movement gives is unbeatable. These are very popular for private events. And this boho-chic style is a top favourite among our brides. 

How is my favourite reader doing over there? Can't wait to discover more floral beauties for yourself?... Then, take another sip of whatever you're drinking and let's move on...

Single Flower Type

This style speaks for itself. We use only one flower variety in the arrangement. This cohesive and stylish look is absolutely stunning and a perfect choice for romantic dates, surprises or decorative purposes. Can you picture a bunch of the same flowers perfectly arranged for that side table in your living room or your credenza in your hall? Oh, and that fragrance from one bundle of similar flowers could beat any aroma candle or diffuser. Ask us about the most aromatic blooms and we will find the perfect fit for you.


A monochromatic flower arrangement is one made with flowers in one specific colour. So, basically a variety of flowers in the same color scheme that might be derived into either lighter or darker shades and tones of that hue. The use of one color helps create a harmonic atmosphere, contrast against other elements in the room and definitely make a statement. This style is also on the modern side with it's minimalistic and tasteful vibes. 


Another classic arrangement style is one with a neutral design. Accordingly, we use a neutral color scheme, typically picking whites, greens, tans as a base and compliment the arrangement with natural elements, like lotus pods, live succulents, pieces of wood bark, moss, pinecones, etc.   Often, we incorporate some preserved greenery or natural picks. If you happen to receive these in your floral gift, don't throw them out! Instead, be creative and save them to decorate that lonely bud vase on your shelf, or glue it to your picture frame. There is so much fun in decorating your space with natural elements. 

High Style

Another name Formal Linear design is a composition of relatively few, well-organized materials placed in groups with emphasis on bold forms and clean lines. Asymmetrical placement of stems is typical for these kinds of arrangements where the lines are the primary element. 

Step 4. Inspiration to its fullest. Let's order!

So, you have it! You have familiarized yourself with some styles of flower arrangements that are most popular at our flower shop, now I'm pretty sure you are ready to send that "blooming" emotion,  "hand-tied" warm hug and "bundle" of your thoughtfulness to someone very special out there. So go ahead and click that button "Florist's Choice Arrangement", select your delivery date and in the "instruction" field share your vision and preferences. And we, here at Galbraith Florists, will make sure that both, you and the recipient, will be nothing but happy with the end result. Hand over your trust to us to create exquisite floral pieces for you or your loved ones.

Oksana Posatska